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Disability Insurance Claim Denied, Routine Care

We have observed that a common basis for disability claim denial is an insurance company claiming that you are not under the routine care of a physician appropriate for treating the kind of disability you are claiming. I personally believe this type of denial to be completely subjective, and most definitely arguable.

Often times disability clients are dealing with extreme, chronic issues. Is it entirely necessary to routinely visit your physician for your physician to tell you time and time again that there is nothing that can be done for condition? I do not think that sounds plausible or necessary at all. Why should a patient be subdued to that?

In the insurance company's disability insurance policy, they will often define what it means to receive routine care. But even so, the insurance companies tend to be very ambiguous and content is subject to varying interpretation. What you can do as a policyholder, at least at the outset of your disability claim, is to visit your physician, with a fair bit of frequency, and make certain that your physician is adequately documenting medical records. Let it be made perfectly clear, that you only need to see him or her on a specific frequency because of "A, B & C medical reasons". Having your recommended frequency of disability treatment well documented is very important.

If your insurance company is claiming that you are not covered under the routine care provision due to the fact that you are not receiving appropriate care for the condition you are suffering from, please call me, I can help. Declaration of routine care for denial in disability insurance is one of the most common forms of denial I see. Watch out for the routine care provision in your disability insurance and be proactive with your physician.

Disability Insurance Claim Articles
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