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2014 Florida Conference On Aging

Last week, my colleague William Midtbo and I attended the 2014 Florida Conference On Aging in Weston, Florida. We were there, with our booth and handouts, representing the Merlin Law Group’s disability, life, health, and long-term care insurances practice.

Long Term Care Attorneys William Midtbo and Jeff Greyber

It was a lovely conference aimed at educating the elderly (and professionals who assist the elderly) on various ways to improve the aging process. Examples of seminar topics included “Quality of Care in Assisted Living: How to Ensure Good Care and Preserve the Many Ways Care is Provided,” “Perspectives on the Affordable Care Act and Medicare,” and “Something Else: Creating a Better Long Term Care System.”

This conference caused several thoughts to bounce back and forth amongst my dendrites, which such thoughts emanated from discussions had with several people at our booth. One thought, however, seemed to underlie most of my thoughts – it seemed to me that the elderly (and many of the professionals who provide daily, hands-on care for the elderly) were generally not well-versed with respect to the insuring needs of the elderly and / or insurance products best suited for the elderly. This underlying thought prompted me to write this article, which is precautionary in nature.

If you are, say, 30+ years old, it would behoove you to start planning appropriately for the aging process. Speak with an agent, broker, or attorney about what kinds of insurance products might best serve you. For example, what kind of life insurance would best suit you? Whole, universal, variable, term, or etc. life insurance? Would it behoove you to obtain a long-term care insurance policy? If so, be sure to look for a comprehensive long-term care insurance policy, ideally a long-term care insurance policy that would cover all possible forms of elderly care (e.g., nursing home, assisted living facility, in home care). Would it be sensible for you to have disability insurance in place? Heck, unless you are a very fortunate person, bodies tend to break down over time and there is a chance that the break down could adversely affect your ability to work. If you are looking for a disability policy, try to get the most generous product available to you (e.g., a policy that affords benefits through life rather than to age 65, a policy that contemplates your inability to perform your occupation rather than any occupation).

The list could go on and on, but the overarching point / suggestion is for you to educate yourself on proper, elder-type insurances before it is too late. After educating yourself, pull the trigger on properly insuring yourself before father time creeps up on you.

For more on disability, life, health, and long-term care insurances, please play around in this website and take a look at the various featured articles and videos. And, of course, if you have any questions, please pick up the phone.

Long-Term Care Insurance Claim Articles
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