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Paying The Bills: April 22-24, 2015, Healthcare Billing and Management Association
Spring Educational Executive Symposium (Orlando, FL)

It is not uncommon for patients to assign their insurance benefits to medical providers. And, regardless of a possible assignment, it is not uncommon for medical providers to handle the processing of claims with the patient’s insurance company. From the medical provider’s perspective, what happens if the patient’s insurance company denies claim payment? Perhaps you will follow up with the carrier a bit more in an effort to get the claim denial unwound; but, ultimately, you will likely turn to the patient for direct payment. Well, what if the patient is unresponsive or does not have the money? Do you spend time and effort sending multiple follow up letters to your patient? Do you punt your patient’s bills over to a collections agency with the likelihood of damaging your patient’s credit rating in the process? Do you write off the bill when it comes to tax returns? Do you sue your patient? These are just some examples of the myriad hurdles and difficult decisions medical providers face in the billing process. Thankfully, there are associations designed to assist and educate with respect to medical claim processing … the Healthcare Billing and Management Association (HBMA) is one such organization.

The HBMA will be putting on a Spring educational seminar this week in Orlando, Florida. The Merlin Law Group will be there, sponsoring a booth and mingling throughout the crowd. We welcome those in attendance to stop by our booth and learn a bit more about how we can help. In short, we represent insurance policyholders (and medical providers who have been assigned benefits and / or undertaken claim processing) against insurance companies. So, in short, we work toward unraveling medical claim denials. Unraveled medical claim denials mean, of course, that medical providers get paid by the proper source – insurance companies, not patients. This, in turn, means that medical providers do not have to turn adversarial with patients (e.g., collections and lawsuits).

If you have some time before, during, or after the HBMA conference, check us out at And, again, if you are at the conference, please stop by our booth. We look forward to the possibility of meeting and assisting you.


Health Insurance Claim Articles
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