Health Insurance Claim Articles
Physician Billing

By Jeffrey L. Greyber, Esq.


Whether you are a physician who handles billing on your own or you have in-house personnel dedicated to billing and insurance claims or you outsource your billing and insurance claims to a billing agent, the attorneys at Merlin Law Group are here to assist you. When an insurance company delays, denies, or underpays the insurance claim, Merlin Law Group is here to help you, the physician.

Sometimes the physician will own the claim, and by this we mean they will have an assignment of benefits associated with services rendered. At this point, attorneys at the Merlin Law Group would represent the physician. Other times, the physician is processing the health insurance claim as a courtesy to the patient and we could discuss who we at the Merlin Law Group would represent in that scenario.

No matter who owns the claim, you do not want to write off your bill or send your patient to collections. Analysis of your situation is complimentary and warmly welcomed. Attorneys at the Merlin Law Group would like to assist you in your health insurance claims.

Health Insurance Claim Articles
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